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TutStu's Features & Benefits

For Students


    Freedom to select Own tutor and negotiate Best DEAL for yourself.

    Find Appropriate Tutor

    Search Tutor by Country, Budget, Curriculum.

    Any Subject, Any Grade

    Learn any subject from School Grade to Professional course.

    Free Trial Classes

    Attend FREE Trial Classes with any Tutor. Finalize the most suitable tutor.

    Chat Before Connecting

    Chat with Tutors, get doubts clarified, fix appointment for FREE Trial

  • Ratings & Reviews

    Every tutor is Rated on 3 Parameters and Reviewed by Students.

    Learn from Top Tutors

    Top tutors are identified based on Ratings & Reviews, Experience, Education etc.

    1-on-1 or Group Tutoring

    Study 1-on-1 for Personalized Learning or in small Groups for Group Lessons.

    LIVE Interaction

    Learn from tutors LIVE, using Audio + Video + Chat + Whiteboard

    Manage Tutors

    Tutor Management System for students to help them manage relationship with their tutors.

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For Tutors

  • Tutoring Business Setup

    Setup Online Tutoring Business for just $5.

    1st Student FREE

    Tutor your 1st Student, for FREE, forever. Just $10/m, from 2nd Student onwards.

    Tutoring Business Page

    Dedicated Tutoring Business Profile Page, is like your own Tutoring Website

    Global Promotion Help

    Promotion for every Tutor via Search Engines & Social Media.

    Worldwide Tutoring Opportunity

    Worldwide tutoring opportunity opens up, by listing on our global marketplace.

  • Manage Tutoring Availability

    Tutoring availability indicates when you are available to take class.

    Tutor 1-on-1 & Group

    Start your online tutoring session with students 1-on-1 or group.

    Set Own Tutoring Fees

    Set own hourly tutoring fees, for 1-on-1 or Group Sessions.

    Students Pay Directly

    Students pay their Tutoring fees directly to you, via PayPal.

    No Commissions Ever

    No cuts/commissions/deduction EVER from your tutoring fees.

TutStu's Global Presence

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  • I am pleased to tutoring via TutStu, wonderful online platform for tutors and students all over the globe to connect, engage and share knowledge through interactive class room. Global presence, Many students, Direct secure payments, Great customer support with the best team. Thank you TutStu, keep up the good work!!!

  • Thank you very much for having such a great resource available.Now I can achieve any skills very easily without leaving my comfort zone to get connect with a tutor.

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