Is a new Democracy forming on this Republic Day


 26th January 1950 is when Indian Constitution was accepted and India became a Democratic Republic. This 26th January 2016, after 66 years, India is again celebrating its Republic Day. In these 66yrs, India has become the second largest Democracy in the world. Out of 7.4 billion people in the world, India has a population of 1.3billion people, which is an astonishing 17.5%. Thus, 26th January is a significant date for the entire World, not just for Indians.

January 2014 marked the starting of a new revolutionary movement. A movement away from limelight, which was never reported in any TV, Magazine, Newspaper, Media or Online before. Like any other historic revolution, this too was running secretly, running underground, behind everybody’s sight. Initially, there were hardly 5-10 revolutionaries who kept pushing beyond challenges & hardships, with a definite aim & vision. Fortunately, the revolutionaries have succeeded, the movement got a shape and now, the movement has gained enough momentum to influence the life of every person on earth. We have now decided to make a public announcement, to encourage people to join our movement as supporters, contributors, well-wisher, in whatever capacity possible and make our movement a worldwide phenomenon.

Yes, we are making it Public. We are forming a Democracy. And the announcement is going to come on 26th January 2016, Indian Republic Day, a significant day worldwide. But hold on, are you thinking that you will hear about another new country with a geographical boundary and a country capital? Sorry to disappoint you!


My understanding of Democracy

When talking about Democracy, the first thing that comes to our mind is “Of the People, For the People and By the People”. But it doesn’t always mean a Country or a Nation. It’s just a form of governance, where, the people in the community, choose ‘better people’ from among themselves to lead & govern them.


Now, What can be Knowledge Democracy?

Append “Knowledge” with the idea of Democracy and you would get “Knowledge OF the People, Knowledge BY the people and Knowledge FOR the People”. What that would mean is :- Sourcing knowledge from the people, using them and providing knowledge to the people.


Cause of the Movement

The realization happened sometimes towards the end of 2013. Education has just 2 layers/tiers, the educator and the seeker. Of course there is a need for standardization, which are provided by Syllabus/Curriculum. But when we look around, we see a middle layer/tier, which are called Institutions/Study Centers/Preparation Centers/Coaching Centers. This is the layer which makes business out of education. They employ educators and attract the students. They connect the student and the educator in a classroom. They charge a fortune from students, pay the educators miserly and at the end, walk away with all the profits. Now think closely and decipher, what was the role of the middle layer? They are walking away with huge profits, do they deserve that? Or does the teacher, who toils on the student, who educates the society, deserve it more than the middle layer? If the middle layer can be removed, can we cut the cost for the students and transfer all the benefits directly to the teachers? These were the questions plaguing us and kept us occupied ideating for a solution.


TutStu | The Knowledge Democracy: The Revolutionary Movement

The precise idea behind TutStu is removing the middle layer from the equation. TutStu is a global open crowd-sourced marketplace & platform that provides independence and empowers both educators and the students.

It’s build upon the principles of Democracy. We are building a community of educators and students. We are sourcing knowledge OF the people, using them and providing knowledge back to the people. Educators/Teachers/Tutors/Professionals can list themselves on our global marketplace. Students worldwide can surf though our marketplace to choose the most suitable educator for themselves. We are then providing both educators and the students, with all the necessary tools, to connect individually & independently and engage in seamless knowledge transfer. The educators/teachers/tutors can decide their own hourly tutoring rates and get the entire amount from the students get directly transferred to their bank. We hope to see the middle layer taken out of the equation and the benefits getting transferred directly to the educators & students. Also, to make this phenomenon cross-geographic, easy, convenient, we are leveraging upon internet technologies.

If you believe in our cause, if you are a supporter, contributor well-wisher, join us on our Website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn . Together as a community, let’s revolutionize the education system worldwide.

TutStu, The Knowledge Democracy is set to launch on 26th January 2016, the Indian Republic Day. A day of worldwide significance. A new Democracy forming on Republic Day.

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