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What a strange name, TutStu?

Yeah, we know. Hey, but look, TutStu is memorable specially because it is “sing-song”-ish. Once I tell you the source of the name, you will never forget it, believe me! Well, TutStu is an integration of 2 very meaningful words, Tutor & Student. We just took the first three alphabet from Tutor & Student and punched that together. So, “Tut” and “Stu” becomes TutStu. That’s our way of saying, “We Care a Lot!” about just 2 people, Tutors and Students. Hope it will be easier to remember the name, now. If not, may I suggest, close your eyes and say aloud “TutStu”, “TutStu” and “TutStu”, it would be FUN.

So, what is TutStu?

Well, for definition lovers, here is how we define TutStu:- “TutStu is an open crowd-sourced online tutoring marketplace for teachers and students, worldwide.  It’s a Learning Platform which aims to democratize learning and disrupt the current methods of education delivery.”
Enough of the technical jargons for now, let’s come down to a lay-man’s interpretation.
There are around 8-billion people in the world (end of 2014, as per United Nations Survey), out of which 42% are below 25yrs. Also, 41% people are between 26-55yrs.
The 41% people aged between 26-55yrs, might be great Engineers, Doctors, Academics, Bankers, Scientists, Astronauts, Economists, Mathematicians, Traders, Businessmen etc. They are the people with tons of experience, knowledge and wisdom.
(Image Source:- Funders & Founders)
Then, there is the other 42% people aged between 0-25yrs, who might want to become a successful Engineers, Doctors, Academics, Bankers, Scientists, Astronauts, etc. But they need guidance. They need people to teach, tutor, coach, guide and mentor them. So, here is the challenge!! How do these 42% people bridge the social, economic & geographic barriers to reach the previous 41% group of people?
Well, one of the way people have been solving this issue is by Re-Location. Thus, you find many students from India, China, Japan, Middle-East etc. going to countries like USA, UK for studies. Let’s not dig deeper into the pros & cons of Re-locations, but atleast agree that, not everyone can afford that.

TutStu is an entire paradigm shift in the world of learning. It’s a new-age educational revolution, leveraging on use of internet. It’s a website and platform using which, the 41% of world population can teach and transfer their knowledge to the remaining 42% population of the world.

The 41% world population aged 26-55yrs, the knowledgeable individuals, the 3.2billion people, will henceforth be addressed as ‘Tutors’. While, the 42% world population aged below 25yrs, the knowledge seekers, the 3.4billion people, be henceforth be addressed as ‘Student’.

Why TutStu is tag-lined, Knowledge Democracy?

No, we are not creating another country/state/nation. Knowledge Democracy is just an idea. We have borrowed the basic concept of Democracy “Of the People, By the People, For the People”. It’s a form of governance, and that’s exactly what we want in TutStu.
Few users of TutStu will declare themselves as Tutors (thus “Of the People”), some other users will choose/testify/follow (thus “By the People”) and the Tutors would deliver knowledge to the Students (thus “For the People”).
TutStu is governed by the principles of Democracy. Thus the tagline Knowledge Democracy.

TutStu’s Vision

To use technology, experience and expertise to unify world's knowledge, bridge cross-geographic knowledge gap and make learning accessible, affordable & enjoyable for all.

TutStu’s Mission

• To crowd-source knowledge and collate all knowledgeable individual from around the globe, in a marketplace.
• To democratize knowledge and make it easily accessible for learners.
• To become a one-stop solution for online learning.

How TutStu helps Tutors?

Firstly, Tutors are users of TutStu, who want to share their knowledge and experience. They are free to teach any subject they wish. Tutors can teach Math, Sciences, English, Economics, Computer Science, History, Geography, Political Science, Literature, Business Studies, Engineering, Healthcare, Law, Journalism etc. Not just that, Tutors can also teach amateur learning subjects like Photography, Music, Cooking, and various Foreign Languages like German, French, Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, Polish etc.
The Tutors who registers on our website, gets a dedicated portal. They can put all their details like Basic Profile Details, Educational Details, Work Details etc. They can also put their PayPal ID and declare their hourly rates. Tutors can choose the subjects they want to teach and the grade level. Here is a guide about how to get listed on TutStu. Tutors are also provided with some smart management tools like Calendar & Schedule Management Module, Student Management Module, Payment Management Module, Course/Session Management Module etc.
Some other salient features of TutStu are: FREE online marketing for all tutors, ability to conduct 1-on-1 sessions and group sessions etc. More features listed on TutStu.com.
TutStu makes the Tutors globally recognised. The tutors can make their own decisions independently. An account with TutStu is like the first step towards building your own small tutoring business. TutStu helps them establish an independent online tutoring business.

How TutStu helps Students?

Students are the knowledge seekers. They can have a very diverse profile. People who are in Primary school, Secondary school, Home-Schooling, College, Community College, Researchers, junior Executives, can all be a student on TutStu. Anyone who wants to learn are students. They can seek tutoring in any subjects like Math, Sciences, English, Economics, Computer Science, History, Geography, Political Science, Literature, Business Studies, Engineering, Healthcare, Law, Journalism, Photography, Music, Cooking, and various Foreign Languages like German, French, Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, Polish. etc.
On TutStu.com, a student can search for tutors on any subject. They can choose a tutor based on their preferences and get connected with the tutor. Students can see the tutor’s credentials like their Basic Details, Educational Details, Work Details, Reviews, Ratings, Cost etc. Based on these factors, they can choose the best suited tutors for themselves. Finally, students can take LIVE 1-on-1 online tutoring session or LIVE Group online tutoring session with their tutor.
TutStu is making learning convenient, accessible, affordable, enjoyable and delightful for the students. Students now, have access to the tutors of the entire world, sitting at home. Students don’t need to Re-Locate, or sacrifice privacy by inviting home-tutor, or go out to attend tutoring at any institute. Also, you don’t need to be frustrated and compromise, if your locality is running short of good tutors.
TutStu entirely re-defines the way a student gets knowledge from tutors, through our exquisite technology. It gives you a glimpse into the future, where learning is completely free of any geographical barriers. TutStu provides you a way to tap into the unlimited potential of internet, to provide quality education worldwide.

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