13 easy steps to list on TutStu's Global Tutoring Marketplace

Global Tutoring Marketplace

TutStu plans to list every teacher, tutor, academic, professor, lecturer, researchers & knowledgeable-individuals, on a global tutoring marketplace. This gives you a global exposure. Students worldwide can now search and connect with you, for their tutoring needs.

TutStu also provides you with all necessary tools to conduct your global tutoring business. Some tools includes, calendar-appointment management system, student management system, session management system, payment management system, online virtual classroom, rate/pricing management system, automated online marketing, mini-websites etc.

Since TutStu is a new platform to you, all these features are being provided, for FREE. You can teach your 1st Student for FREE on our platform. We charge you a token amount monthly, for platform access, from your second student onwards. Once we have built your trust. Unlike other companies, we do not charge any commissions. You are tutoring, you are toiling, you are earning!! TutStu grows only when you grow, your tutoring grows.


So, how to get listed on TutStu's global tutoring marketplace?

Teachers, Tutors, Academics, Professors, Researchers, Knowledgeable Individuals need to follow few minor steps to get listed on our Global Tutor Marketplace.

Here are the Steps:-

  • 1. Register as Tutor on TutStu

  • 2. Verify your account and Login as Tutor

  • 3. After Login, you will hit the Tutor Portal Dashboard

  • 4. Navigate to Tutor Profile Overview Page

  • 5. Go to Manage Tutor Profile General Info Page.

  • 6. Please fill in all the "General Informations" about yourself.

  • 7. Navigate down to "Education" and fill your educational background. (My Profile -> Manage Account -> Education)

  • 8. Navigate to "Work" and fill your work details. (My Profile -> Manage Account -> Work)

  • 9. Navigate to Tutor Profile Description and fill details. This is a really important part. This is a text you can use to convince your new students.

  • 10. Navigate to Tutor Profile Policy and fill the details. What are these?

  • 11. Navigate to Tutor Profile Payments Info. This is again a really important part. Here you can put your PayPal ID, your hourly rate for tutoring 1-on-1 and your hourly rate for tutoring in group.

  • 12. Navigate down to Tutoring Subjects & Topics. This is the MOST IMPORTANT part. Here you indicate all the subjects and subsequent topics, that you want to tutor via TutStu.

  • 13. That's it. Easy!! 10mins to set up your own global tutoring business.

Once you have completed all these 13 miniscule steps, you will get listed on TutStu's Global Tutoring Marketplace. Students worldwide can now find you for the listed subjects. They can then connect with you and start tutoring.

As you are starting a new relation with TutStu, it would be wise to also know about the following:-

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