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“God cannot be present everywhere, so HE created Mothers”.

Let’s talk about Mother’s Day. What is Mother’s Day? Why do we celebrate Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is a Worldwide event celebrated to commemorate successes, achievements, efforts, pain and sacrifices of every ‘Mother’, globally.

We at TutStu believe, mothers will get ‘true place under sun’, if the society understands their value during each phase of human life and empathises with them. TutStu pays them a Tribute and wishes to address one of the most pressing concerns, mothers have.


History behind Mother’s Day

Mother’s day was first celebrated in the year 1908. In the year 1905, a lady from US, named Anna Jarvis, wanted to honour her mother. She started the campaign around Mother’s Day. She wanted the US Govt. to recognise this day as a National Holiday, however US government denied her proposal. She established St. Andrews Methodist Church in Grafton, as a memorial of her deceased mother. This church is popularly known as International Mother’s Day Shrine, as a tribute to all mothers. It was not until 1914, that Mother’s Day was accepted as an International Holiday. Though different countries have different dates to celebrate Mother’s Day, 14th May is celebrated as International Mother’s Day.


Role of a Mother on her Child’s Education

The journey to Motherhood, is tough but filled with priceless emotions. Along with happiness & exuberance, comes responsibilities & hardships. Mother’s responsibilities start right from the Childbirth and continues till her last breath. Mothers play a vital & undeniable role in every phase of her child’s upbringing.


A Mother’s Dream

After child birth, whenever a mother lays her eyes upon her child, she unknowingly weaves dreams about her child's triumphant future. She imagines, her child would become a renowned & successful person, one day. She tries to achieve her unfulfilled aspirations through her child. “My Child would become a Doctor or a Scientist or an Astronaut” etc. That’s her dream, aspiration & desire.


Toddler Years (1-3 yrs)

During Toddler years, the child is completely vulnerable without its mother. Her child’s nutrition and health are the topmost priorities. She spends all her time with the baby. They form a tangible bond & mutual dependencies. This is when she introduces her child to his/her Mother Tongue.


Pre-Schooler Years (3-5 yrs)

Pre-Schooler Years are the foundation years. Thank to Mothers, children get an introduction to the world & surroundings. Child starts learning & gurgling their Mother Tongue. Mother introduces them to the world around them, including the flora and fauna. She becomes the first person to answer all their ‘naïve’ queries.

Grade-School Years (5-12 yrs)

For children, these years serve as the spine of their upcoming life events. This time period of life, ensures the adequacy of each person, whether he/she is ready to face the struggles coming their way. Mother educates her child at every step of their life. At home, she creates an environment conducive for learning and growing. She inculcates good manners, habits, etiquettes, morals, values, ethics and discipline in her child.

Mothers impart the fundamental education to her child like introduction to Alphabets & Numbers, helps them recite Nursery Rhymes, teaches Counting, how to read the Clock, develop some General Knowledge and much more.

She makes sure that her child gets admitted to a good school. She slowly & steadily prepares her child for the future life. Educated mothers are often seen teaching, helping & guiding her child with the School Curriculum.

Every child has a special interest. A Mother is the first person who recognises where their child’s passion resides. She makes her child indulge in Extra-Curricular Activities, based upon their interest. Some children may like Singing, Dancing, Drawing & Painting, Music, Swimming etc.
She is actively involved in her child’s education, all the way guiding and motivating them towards her dream.


Teen Years (12-18 yrs)

Adolescent years are challenging for both the parents. This phase of Motherhood calls for Sacrifice, Patience, Tact & Toil. She becomes Supportive & Covert during these years. As her child moves-on to Secondary and Senior Secondary Schools, she tries to ensure nothing but the best possible Education and struggles to admit her child to best possible Schools & Senior Schools.

During teenage years, children learn Math, Sciences, Languages, Social Studies and various complex and abstruse subjects. This is when she realizes her Knowledge Barrier. Many mothers feel incapacitated, as she is unable to help her child with their School Curriculum. Though not actively involved in her Teenager’s studies, she keeps a close eye on their academic progress and personality development. She doesn’t hesitate to call for external help whenever she feels her child is scoring poorly. She is convinced that her young one is capable of achieving more. All they need is proper guidance. She would be the first person to pick up the phone and dial some tutors or roam around the locality in search of tuition centres or even ask around for tutor suggestions & references. She would not rest until she is assured that her young one is in able hands. A Good & Passionate Tutor, who is able to bring the best out of her child.

Mother also cautiously watches over her teenagers’ friend circle. She warns her child against evil friends. She prevents and protects her child from any addictive perils of the society. She becomes our counsellor and our dearest friend to whom we can entrust all of our burdens and anxiety.

After all that a mother endures, from child birth till adolescence, she deserves love, respect & honour. As a child, you can only pay back by fulfilling her dreams. It would be real unfortunate& heart-breaking, if her child falters in the pursuit.


Problems of Concerned Mothers

As pointed out, Mothers always try to ensure BEST Quality Education for her Children. She leaves no stones unturned to find good schools or tutor or even tuitions. However, often, she hits road blocks and challenges.

Hurdles like:-

  1. 1. Shortage of Good Tutors in a Locality.
  2. 2. Sacrificing Home Privacy when allowing In-Home Tutors.
  3. 3. Lack of Proper Attention towards her child, in Group Tuitions or Tuition Centres.
  4. 4. Concerns about ‘Bad Influences’ when her Son leaves home for Tuitions.
  5. 5. Concern about her Daughter’s Safety while attending Evening Tuition Classes.
  6. 6. Home budgeting constraints due to rising Tuition Costs.
  7. 7. How does she ensure whether a tutor is Good, Passionate and Suitable for her Child?
  8. 8. And much more.

Isn’t there an easier way out of her Challenges & Concerns?


TutStu, a Gift to Mothers

At TutStu, we Identify, Rate, Rank & List Tutors in a Marketplace, for Students to Select & Learn from them, Online. TutStu has tutors in 30+ Subjects and 300+ Branches. We review and rank every tutor on a Global Scale. Classes in TutStu happen over Video Conferencing, Live, Online. Students can use TutStu to get Homework Help, eTutoring, Assignment Help, Online Tuitions, Test Preparation eTuitions, e-Mentoring, e-Guidance etc.

So, how does TutStu help Mothers?

  1. 1. On TutStu, mothers can find tutors from all corners of the world.
  2. 2. As TutStu ranks the tutors, it becomes easier for her to identify the Best Tutor.
  3. 3. Student Reviews in TutStu, helps her select the most suitable tutor, for her child.
  4. 4. Since TutStu is an ONLINE Platform, it is available at her disposal 24x7.
  5. 5. Marketplace of Tutors, allows her to find multiple tutors in same subject / branch, on TutStu. She doesn’t have to Check & Call from Phone Directories. She does need to roam around to find tuition centres. She doesn’t have to ask around for references. Those days are history.
  6. 6. Classes are held ONLINE, no one visits your home. Home Privacy is not encroached.
  7. 7. Online Classes ensure that her Son or Daughter stays indoor. Safe from Bad Influences or Eve-Teasers.
  8. 8. Classes in TutStu are 1-on-1. Ensures that her child receives Personalized, Undivided Attention.
  9. 9. TutStu offers FREE Registration to Student. Students never has to pay TutStu. Neither any hidden costs nor hidden terms & conditions. Doesn’t this make it affordable for Students & Mothers? Now she can run her home within budgetary limitations.

Moreover, TutStu offers UNLIMITED FREE TRIAL Classes for all New Students.



TutStu is extending a unique opportunity to every Child, who desire to fulfil their Mother’s Dream. After all these years, YOU got to award her with your impressive triumph in studies, so your concerned mothers could take a breath of relief.

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TutStu Identifies, Rates, Ranks & Lists Tutors in a Marketplace, for Students to Select & Learn from them, Online.

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