Finding A Tutor Locally – How Rahul won over the Crisis

finding a local tutor

Here is a story of Rahul who, once preferred local tutors. How he went through lot of troubles, positives and negatives, shame and humiliation, self-doubt & inferiority complex. Finally, how his parents took the right decision that changed his life ever after.

This is a fictional story based on various real-life events, experienced by many students of India. Students have been experiencing a crisis of competent and diligent tutors.

On reading this story, we are sure you too will be able to relate some moments of your life.

Rahul & the Happy Times 

Meet Rahul, a cheerful boy of 14, who lives in the neighbourhood of Janakpuri, New Delhi a densely populated place in West Delhi. He belongs to a lower-middle class family that comprises of him and his parents, no siblings. Rahul’s father is employed and is the only earning member of the family. At times Rahul’s parents find it difficult to make both ends meet. Being the only child, Rahul’s parents always strive to provide him with convenience and comfort, commensurate with their income. They are very supportive & devoted. 

Like all other parents, they too understand the value of quality Education. Hence they never compromised with Rahul’s academics. Right for selecting Rahul’s Pre-School, Secondary School to Study Books, Reference Books, Notes etc. His parents like to plan every nitty-gritty well in advance. They also ask around, take references from others and consult with experienced people, to find a preferred solution that might work for Rahul.  As a result of their effort, Rahul has been a very diligent and studious kid since primary school. His mom has always been there to guide him, with his studies and school homework. She has been watchful about Rahul’s friend-circle, mental & physical health, diet and solving his early concerns about the world.  

It was all picture perfect till he was in Middle school. He used to bring high scores and always won accolades from his teachers. Rahul’s parents couldn’t be happier. What’s more satisfying and flattering for a parent than seeing their child accomplish in academics. They could see their efforts materialising.  

When the Crisis Started 

Grade 8th Mid-Term Exams is when things started turning ugly. It was a usual day when Rahul came back home holding his Mid-Terms Exams Results. This time the home environment was something unusual. Rahul stood at the corner with shame & embarrassment in his face, while his Parents were looking at the reports grudging & grumbling with disappointment & disbelief. He has failed in Maths & scored very-poorly in Sciences. Several rounds of questioning, grilling & scolding continued in the following few days. Rahul’s parents thought about visiting his school to identify the root cause. They took an appointment with his Class-Teacher and Principal, to discuss the shortcomings of their child.  

During the Meeting at school, Rahul’s parents were assured that the School employs the Best Teachers available. They also pointed out that, year-on-year the school follows the same methodology, pedagogy, teaching style and curriculum. However, the Principal confessed that, “It’s not possible for a Teacher to pay attention to a class of 60+ Students.”  They finally blamed it entirely upon Rahul for not being able to keep pace with the class and scoring poorly. As a final note to their discussion, Rahul’s Principal pointed out that, “Almost all of his classmates got extra help outside the school. Almost all classmates were getting Tuitions. Rahul is one of few getting home-tutored by his Mom. It’s high time for them to consider getting a Tuition”. Rahul’s mom too agreed that she faced limitations while teaching Math & Sciences to Rahul. They came back home without much help from School but with a hope, suggestion and strategy, that might help Rahul turn things around, before Grade 8th’s finals. 


Finding a Local Tutor – The Crisis Worsens 

The same day evening, both Rahul’s parents became the human personification of busy bees. Mom was on the phone calling all Rahul’s friend's parents, trying to collect contact details of their Tutors. Dad visited several local bookstores in hope of finding business cards of tutors around. By the next day evening, his parents successfully collected contact details of 15+ Tutors. 

Till late night, his parents discussed and figured out their preferences, priorities, expectations and budget. They didn’t want Rahul to travel far for tuitions. They preferred a home tutor, not a very expensive one as they were on a tight budget. Finally, based on their preferences, they shortlisted around 12 Tutors who matched their preferences. 

The next Saturday, Rahul’s mom called up all of them and fixed up an appointment. Sunday was the D-Day, when Rahul, accompanied by his Parents visited most of the twelve tutors selected. They were all brimming with hope and positivity, thinking they will get a suitable tutor before day end. 

The Experience of Finding a Local Tutor

One by one they went ahead meetings the probable tutors. 

One of them refused to teach him, as Rahul's marks were so below-average. She taught only standard, A-grade students, the high Achievers. 

5 others Tutors clarified that they don't visit their student’s home for providing tuitions.

4 of the shortlisted tutors refused saying that they can't accommodate Rahul mid-way during the School Year. They already had small groups of Students.

One tutor turned out to be a home tutor. Rahul's parents who were dejected so long, suddenly found a ray of hope. Their discussion went on well. The tutor understood their concerns, empathized with Rahul and promised a sure-shot grade improvement formula. Finally during the financial negotiations, he charged an exorbitantly high tutoring fee. The Tutoring Fee was thrice their budget. The Tutor was not willing to budge or negotiate on the Fee. Their talks failed miserably and with a heavy heart, Rahul’s parents left the premises.

All three of them came to home like defeated soldiers. The entire day was strenuous for Rahul as well, but the refusal of tutors made him feel rejected and he delved in self-doubt. 

The next day, after his father left for work, Rahul and mom set out to visit the tutor. They reached the lady tutor and explained their requirements to her. She was young, energetic, studious, calm and matured. She impressed his Mom. After several rounds of discussion, she agreed to all the terms & conditions set-forth by Rahul’s mom. Her tutoring fee too was matching their budget. Both Rahul’s Mom and the Tutor finalized their talks. They agreed to start the tutoring as soon as possible. They also discussed the tutoring schedule. Finally they came back home relieved.

Rahul's father was ecstatic when they gave him this news over dinner. That night they went out to an Ice-Cream Parlour to celebrate. 

Rahul finally got a tutor, was being tutored at home, a tutor who is competent and understood the shortfalls, fee too was within budge. Everything they expected from the tutor. 

Tutoring with Local Tutor – Is everything Ok?

It was very first Tuition day for Rahul. He kept staring at the big wall clock, while he arranged his text book, on the study table. Sharp at 5:05pm the door-bell rang and Rahul ran to attend the door. Entered the room, was Rahul’s Tutor. Once they settled down, his tutor asked him his weaknesses and subjects in which he scored low. Rahul tried to explain his Math & Science issues elaborately. The first day tutoring went on quite well. Rahul was satisfied. His mom, who was quietly observing them for the next room, too was satisfied. 

For the next 3-Months, they studied as per their fixed schedule. 

After 3-Months one evening, Rahul’s was standing at the corner of the room again, holding his Class-Test report cards. His scores of the class tests, surprised his parents. His scores didn’t show much improvement. Although, he was making lesser mistakes, but, most of his answers sounded confusing. It was a big let-down for his parents. They asked him what was going wrong and where? 

Rahul took a deep breath and told them everything he was facing. The tutor had few major shortcomings:- 

  1. 1. Firstly, there was the language barrier. Rahul’s Tutor was from a Hindi Medium Schooling Background while Rahul was studying in an English Medium School. The tutor was more conversant in Hindi than English.

  2. 2. In Maths, the Tutor didn’t follow the same steps as the School Teacher. Further, the School Teacher as intolerant of Rahul using a different method to solve the Math Problems. Rahul was thus confused about the correct method of obtaining the solution and committed several mistakes.

  3. 3. Off-Late the Tutor has started scolding Rahul which made Rahul a bit averse to studying Math & Sciences at home.

  4. 4. His tutor was fast-paced and focussed on getting the syllabus completed. 

  5. 5. Tutor’s absenteeism has increased. This lays doubts whether he is genuinely committed and devoted to help Rahul. 

  6. 6. During tutoring, she was interrupted by Mobile Calls & Text Message.

His final exams were close. Rahul and his parents had no time to waste. But they were out of options. Neighbours, close relatives, and family friends tried suggesting them other options outside their preferences.

Against all Odds, they decided to terminate the tutor. They could not compromise with Rahul’s future.

Moving away from Finding Local Tutors – the Resolution 

Off-Late, as a part of his employment, Rahul’s father has been introduced to the Online World. He knew that people nowadays where Shopping Online and what not.

In this back-against-the-wall situation, he convinced himself that he might want to Search for a Tutor, Online. While searching for a Tutor on the Internet, he got introduced to a new word “Online Tuitions”. As he dug deeper on “Online Tuitions” his curiosity gradually increased. 

He finally came across

   Solution to Finding Local Tutor

It impressed him because:-

  1. 1. He could find Best Tutors from different parts of India
  2. 2. Rahul could attend the Tuitions while sitting in their Living Room
  3. 3. The Tutoring was over Video Conferencing, with Audio + Video + Whiteboard. Didn’t seem the tutor would be far from Rahul.
  4. 4. TutStu was very transparent. They published the full Biodata of the Tutors, including their Education, Work, Tutoring Experience etc.
  5. 5. Every Tutor was Credible and Tutors were Rated & Reviewed by their Students.
  6. 6. Rahul could fix an appointment with the Tutor as per his convenience. Rahul could Schedule own Online Tuitions Classes.
  7. 7. He could find a Tutor within his Budget.
  8. 8. There were so many tutor options. He could learn from multiple tutors of the same subject. Even if Rahul disliked any tutor, he could check out other tutors.
  9. 9. Finally, he could check out Tutors using the FREE Trial Session option.

He was convinced. He also showed the website to Rahul’s Mom and Rahul. They all agreed to try it out. 


At once, they opted for a FREE Online Tuition Trial Classes, from Math Tutors in India. Much to their delight, Rahul felt very impressed by the teaching method.  After several Trial Classes, Rahul also found English Tutors in India, Physics Tutors in India, Chemistry Tutors in India, Biology Tutors in India

The tutors where very cooperative, experienced, skilled, knowledgeable, friendly and nice. Rahul scored a Grade A in the 8th Finals. He continued tutoring from TutStu. Gradually he started excelling his class, gained his lost confidence and started scoring beyind his expectations. His school teachers were happy and started to use him as an example. Parents too were happy at his achievement.

During High School, Rahul's parents decided, they wanted Rahul to pursue Engineering. After several rounds of Trial Classes, they found few impressive tutors who could help Rahul Prepare for JEE Mains and Prepare for JEE Advanced.

He continued his preparations online, while his classmates were busy with various test preparation centers, institutes, study materials, distance learning courses etc. Few classmates who were facing issues finding competent tutors or had budgetary constraints, he referred them to use TutStu. Finally the day for Exams arrived. Outside the exam hall, everyone was nervous and busy with last-minute brush-ups. Rahul somehow was at-ease, cool, composed and confident. He took the test am exclaimed "excellent" when he came out of exam-hall after the exam. Much to everybody's surprise he scored 98 Percentile in JEE.


He is now a Student at IIT with Computer Science as specialization. Wonder what? He still uses TutStu for Computer Science Tutoring. He reads a lot of tech articles and the technical advancements. He keeps himself updated by learnings the latest technologies. He learns Python, learns Ruby, learns NodeJS etc. Off-Late he has grown interest and started learning Machine Learning and learning Artificial Intelligence


His parents are proud and euphoric as ever. They thank TutStu and recommend everybody to use TutStu.


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