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Neha had an eye for beauty and pretty things since she was 4-years old. As a child, she would accompany her father to the local flower shop and insist to buy white lotus, pink carnations, violet orchids & what not. While in apparel market with her mom, she would take lead to choose best dresses for themselves.

Hailing from Matunga, Mumbai she was close to the new fashion, trend & style. By the time she was 15yrs old, she had her mind set on her goal. She aspired to be a Fashion Designer. She wanted to be able to create something beautiful, on her own someday. In the lively city which never goes out of style, she dreamed to be a trendsetter someday.

She had keen interests in Sketching, Drawing, Music, and Designing. That’s why she choose to pursue Arts stream for her High School.

Her parents always believed that the young minds are better off sorting a path for their future. Parents and teachers should act as a guide and support them always. That's how one achieves excellence. Her parents did the same. They did not just adore her but were always supportive about her dreams.

The Fateful Evening Coaching Class Day

It was a sunny & warm winter afternoon. Around 4 pm, Neha got down from her School Bus and strolled down the narrow alley towards her home, lost in her teenage thoughts. On entering her house, she put down her heavy bag and threw her exhausted body on the bed.

In came her mother, limping with her knee pain, with a glass of Nimbu Pani and started caressing her hair. After having a regular mother-daughter conversation she reminded her “You have your English Coaching at 6 pm. Please do rest for 30-mins, but, get dressed and start from home by 5:15 pm.”- she said with a strict but gentle tone.

Neha's mother was a petite lady in her late forties and Neha used to worry about her health almost all the time. She was a typical housewife whose priority was her “family”. Neha knew she must be feeling under the weather and resting or may be her arthritis pain has renewed itself.

“Can I make you a hot-water bag and apply some relief gel on your knees?” –Neha said, without wasting any minute.

Just then, the landline in the living room started ringing. Neha ran towards the phone & grabbed the receiver after the third ring. It was her father on the other end. He has called to inform that he's going to come home late because of some work meetings. She put down the receiver with a sad look on her face.

The Evening Coaching Class

Neha’s English Coaching Class was around 8kms from her home. She used to go there alone. On normal days, Neha would walk for 10-mins to the Main Road and take a Route-42 Bus. The Bus would take around 20-25mins to reach Neha’s Coaching Stop. From the Stop, it would be another 5-mins walk through the meandering by-roads of Mumbai.

Her coaching class usually got over by 8 pm. Since it would be dark, her mom or dad would be waiting in front of her Coaching Class, to pick her up.

However, today was different. Her mom was down with Arthritis pain while her dad informed about being late.

She couldn't help but sigh at the thought of coming home all by herself. Her mom too was worried.

“I can manage it today. I can come home alone after the coaching class. Don’t worry mom” – Neha told her mom, showing off her naïve bravery.

“The road from the Bus Stop to our house is usually dark after sunset. Be very careful. Don’t talk to strangers. Take a rickshaw from the Bus Stop, to drop you home” – suggested Neha’s mom, as Neha closed the door behind her and left home for her coaching class.

Returning Late from Evening Coaching Class

It was 8:10 pm. The sky was ebony when the Coaching Class dispersed. Neha packed her bag, preparing to leave. As she looked outside through the door, she remembered that she must return home alone. She gathered her courage and set-off home-wards.

The road from her Coaching Class to the bus stop was well-lit and hustling-bustling. There were few vada-paw shops, pav-bhaji shops, some shops selling fried food & chowmeins along the way. Today, she stopped for some vada-paw. Other days, she would not ask for it, though the smell appetized her making her mouth drool. Finally, she reached the Bus Stop at around 8:35.

While waiting for the bus, she kept making up excuses about her being late, if her parents asked. Meanwhile, the bus arrived and she boarded the bus. She couldn’t stop thinking excuses. Every time she would stumble upon a ‘nice’ excuse, she rejected it thinking her parents would be able to discover her lies.

It was around 9:15, when she got down from the bus, at her home stoppage. Deep in her thoughts, she forgot to take a rickshaw, as her mother had suggested. Forced by daily habit, she started walking towards her home, down the dark narrow alley. She didn’t even realize that there wasn’t a single living soul on the road, except some stray dogs.

The Devastating Hour on the way back from Evening Coaching Classes

The chain of comforting thoughts broke & the calmness in her mind vanished, as soon as she heard 3 voices from somewhere in the dark

“Hey Sweety, want to spend some good time with us?”

“Tonight, we got you alone.”

“You are looking HOT in the blue dress today.”

-And the lewd remarks continued

She was taken aback. Immediately she turned back, to identify the people involved.

Barely 5-meters behind Neha, in the darkest corner, under a shack, sat few youngsters. Their body-language indicated that they were horribly drunk. They wore the looks of roadside Romeos - rugged jeans, skin-tight t-shirts, scarfs over their shoulder, smoking bidis and waving at Neha.

In a flash, they sprung to their feet and moved towards Neha. She was dumbfounded, she lost her ability to think and stood there frozen. One of them came very close and tried to grab her.

The uninviting approach sent shivers down her bones. The only thing she told herself was, “I need to get home as soon as possible”. She felt the adrenaline rush. She found new life in her legs as she sprinted towards her home.

Her eyes filled with tears, when she saw three of them were following her. Now she was more scared than a deer that hears a gunshot nearby. She wished she could run like one.

The next few minutes were like a deer & lion chase, taken from a Video of Africa’s Serengeti.

With palpating heart & short of breath, she finally managed to reach her door. Uncharacteristic of her, she rang the doorbell multiple times. She was still looking behind to check whether those goons were still following her.

When finally, her mom opened the door, sensing tension, she almost fell into her arms and burst into tears.

Regaining her Strength

Neha had never faced bullying before. Today she was teased and abused verbally. Only she knew what could’ve happened if she hadn’t fled the scene at once.

When her father came home that night, he found the house quieter than usual. It didn’t take him long to find the two who were in Neha’s bedroom. Neha seemed to have fallen asleep on her mother’s lap.

Neha’s mom tiptoed out and walked her husband to the other room. He looked at her in bewilderment.

She had told him everything their daughter had been through, while returning from her tuitions, alone.

Neha’s father was a man of strong character and clear perception. He owned a Travel Agency. Hearing the incident shocked him.

Off-late. such cases of Female-related-crimes have become rampant and are often reported on TV or newspapers. People hardly react. But when such incidents happen to us, we feel devastated. That’s what Neha’s parents were feeling that night. They didn’t sleep a blink. Neha’s mother was by her bedside all night.

Finding an Alternative to Evening Coaching Classes

Next morning, her father decided to skip his office. Neha’s parents took turns to pacify, console and re-motivate her.

They started analyzing all the factors that may have led to such a mishap. Finally, they arrived at the decision that, Neha should stop her evening Coaching Classes.

At the same time, they didn’t want Neha to discontinue her Coaching Classes.

Neha's parents also didnt consider to Find a Local Tutor after they read about Rahul's horrific ordeal.

It was just then that a weird idea stuck Neha’s dad.

Lately, while at work, Neha’s dad was getting calls from some Online Taxi Booking company. He remembered, a few months back, Neha herself purchased a mobile from some Online Shopping Website.

He said to himself, “If people can book a taxi online or buy mobiles online, why not people can take coaching online?”

Immediately, he opened his laptop and Googled for “Online Coaching”.

Online Coaching Classes – An Alternate Solution to Evening Coaching Classes

There were several websites on Google. He spent a couple of hours trying to amass every bit of information regarding Online Coaching. Even Neha's mother took part while choosing the right platform for their daughter. attracted them the most.

Save your Girl Child with TutStu

That very evening, after a mutual discussion they decided to try TutStu.

They took few Free Trial Online English Coaching Class with TutStu’s English Tutors. They immediately fell in love with the Setup. It was very easy to Find a Tutor, Select a Tutor & Request a FREE Trial Class.

They also found some great History Tutors, Political Science Tutors, Geography Tutors & Economics Tutors. Neha took some 2-3 FREE Online Tutoring Sessions before finalizing a tutor for each subject.

Within a week, they finalized TutStu as their preferred destination for Online Coaching Classes.

The reason why it was best suited to them were:

  • 1. Neha could study from the comfort and security of her home.

  • 2. All Neha needed, was her PC / Laptop / Tablet with Internet connection to attend classes from anywhere.

  • 3. Her parents didn’t need to worry much when it comes to credibility and skills of each tutor.

  • 4. Tutors on TutStu were from some renowned IVY League Colleges. They could guide her better in her career.

  • 5. All tutors were Ranked, Reviewed and Rated by students.

With unique features like:- 24*7 Availability of Tutors, Free Trial Sessions before choosing any Tutor, Scheduling Sessions and Tutor Management Systems, they turned into TutStu fans.

Thanks to Online Coaching Neha's parents found a way which would keep her safe without hindering her Studies.

That horrific incident has never repeated itself ever since.

How Online Coaching Classes helped Neha?

It has been almost 2-yrs since Neha chose TutStu for her Coaching needs.

She was able to save most of her time and energy with her Online Classes.

She was able to prepare better for her 12th board Exams. The timely feedback and guidance from her Tutors, helped Neha to score 85% in her 12th Board Exams.

Neha’s 12th Score helped her get admitted to a prestigious College.

She's now a 1st Year student of Mumbai’s renowned Raffles Design International College. Her dreams to pursue Fashion Design is coming true. At her college, her designs are getting noticed & appreciated.

Neha secretly spends few hours of her Sundays’ working for an NGO. She preaches about Women Empowerment & trains young women to take a stand against Eve Teasing.

Her parents are ecstatic about her success and her turn-around.

Neha & her Parents are thankful to TutStu for providing them with the right solution at a critical time. They have recommended TutStu to several students.

Currently, Neha’s cousin brother attends Math Classes with some Online Math Tutors at TutStu.

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