Online Tutoring, solving 17 Biggest Problems of Indian Students

online tutoring for indian students

India is a diverse nation known to all. We are one of the largest higher-education systems in the world. With more than 1.5 million schools and 260 million students, we are 2nd in global rank. However, despite having 762 universities and 35,000+ colleges, teacher-to-student ratio is still below-par. That is why parents always seek extra academic help for their children, outside the classroom, in the form of tutoring.  

Tutoring as a profession and industry, has come a long way since the early times and it's still evolving. Today, parents and students are being exposed to different forms of coaching.

The newest form is "Online Coaching / Tuition", which emerged into limelight after India Govt.’s Digital India Initiative. It marks the start of Digital Education in India. Add to it, the smartphone penetration and inexpensive high-speed data access. Online Tutoring is fast becoming a reliable, efficient & favourable mode of education in India.

Each day hundreds of thousands of Indian students get tutored online. Most of them prepare for competitive exams, engineering entrances and medical entrance examinations. In today's fast-paced world, where the answer to any problem is searched on the internet, Online Coaching does make great sense. With modern facilities like Live Chat, Video Chat & Video Conferencing, Online tutoring is bridging the geographical barriers between students & teachers.

Here are some of the pressing problems that every typical Indian Student face & how Online Coaching helps Students overcome those.

Crisis of Tutors in Indian Localities

Students residing in urban & semi-urban areas don't get many options while choosing a Tutor. A fortunate Indian neighbourhood might contain 1-tutor for each Subject.

We also find instances when one teacher tutors multiple subjects, even beyond their specialization areas. Out of Options, Parents appoint such tutors.

Most of the times, parents appoint tutors based on popularity and feedback from others.

Tutors in Semi-Urban Areas of India aren't as versatile or skilled as their Urban counter-parts. Students and parents must compromise and bear with the mediocrity of the local tutors.

How Online Tuition solves the Crisis of Local Tutors

Using Online Tuitions, students can overcome such local & geographical boundaries. Students from Urban or Semi-Urban Localities of India, having internet access, can find tutors & learn from them while at their home. The teacher, on the other hand, might be sitting anywhere within India or Abroad. In short, Online Tuition opens entire World of Tutors, for Students & their Parents. Students & Parents can look beyond their local tutors while on a tutor hunt.

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No Access to Tutors in Rural India: -  

In Rural India, there are fewer schools and fewer teachers. Students don't have any option of getting tutored.

Add to that, the socio-economic conditions of Rural India. Engaging a tutor is even beyond their wildest dreams.

The Boys mostly start neglecting education, drop out of Schools and engage in livelihood activities. Girls are married-off during adolescence.

Very few affluent parents of Rural India, send their children to nearby cities for Studies.

How Online Coaching solves the problems of Rural India

Low-cost Smartphones & access to Super-Fast 3G / 4G Internet in Rural India has emerged as a lifeline. Both Male & Female Students in Rural India can now receive Online Coaching using their Mobile Phones. They can study Online in small groups to further reduce Coaching Costs.


Unrated Tutors

Tech-Savvy Indians have grown habits of checking Reviews & Ratings. Product Reviews, Hotel Reviews, Restaurant Reviews, Movie Reviews and what not. We evaluate quality & reliability based on reviews & rating, before making a purchase or decision. However, when it comes to selecting a tutor for their children, Parents don’t have any such options.

All they can find are some biased verbal opinions & recommendations.

It becomes questionable whether a Tutor is compatible with their child’s learning style. As a result, most Students & Parents deal with tutors who are unranked & dubious.

This wrong decision leads to poor grades and develops a reluctance from studies.

How TutStu solves Tutor Rating & Review Issues

Parents & Students need not turn a blind-eye when it comes to Tutor Reviews & Rating. On TutStu, we Review, Rate & Rank tutors Globally & Nationally. Not just that, Tutors are Rated on 3 Parameters namely Quality, Reliability & Credibility. Only Parents & Students take part in our Tutor Review & Rating process. Hence, there is very less scope of a biased opinions. Students & Parents get a clear idea about Tutor’s skills and capabilities.


Relocating for Tutoring

Indian Students are often forced to relocate. Some Students do it for the sake of Higher Studies, some for Entrance Exam Preparations, for better guidance and various other prospects. They shift bases to cities with higher tutor concentration with better quality tutors.

Every year thousands of Indian Students reach Kota to join expensive Coaching Centres, to ensure better preparation for entry-level tests in Engineering and Medicals.

Many Indian Students even go abroad after taking SAT, GMAT, GRE etc.

However, these coaching capital welcomes youngsters with crushing peer pressure and depression. Holed up in a hostel room, bound by a strict routine, amid cut-throat competition, takes a huge toll on their mental and physical health.

Away from home they face various adversities. Every year hundreds of underachievers commit suicide or take to drugs.

How Online Coaching solves the problem of Relocation

Indian Students adopting Online Coaching, have a complete different story to narrate. As a respite, they don’t have to relocate. They don’t have to pay for expensive Coaching Centres. The same tutors who teaches in Coaching Centres, are available Online too. They can contact these expert Test Preparation Tutors Online and begin preparing for JEE (Mains & Advance), NEET etc. Indian Students can prepare online, 1-on-1 with tutors, at a much cheaper rates, while sitting at their homes. Online Tutoring also ensures Personalized, Un-Divided attention towards each Student. Parents who still prefer peer-pressure can arrange for Small-Group Sessions Online (Group of 5).

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Tutor’s Unavailability

A Good Tutor comes with various terms and conditions.

Good and Renowned tutors usually teach in Batches, at their home or centre.

The schedule and timings of tutoring classes may or may not match with student’s schedule.

Most tutoring centres operate afterschool, from 5pm to 9pm. Young children are often found sacrificing their Evening Physical Activities to attend Tutoring. “All Work and No Play makes Jack a Dull Boy”.

Moreover, there’s no such thing as “classes-on-demand” in these Tutoring Centres. The tutor isn't always available for help.

For example - How would a Student resolve his Math doubts at 10pm, when he has a Math Test next day at School? How can a Student solving Math Homework on Wednesday, for Math Homework due on Thursday Morning, when his Math Tuitions are on Tuesdays & Fridays? Math is not something his tutor can explain over a Call.

Despite paying a Tutor, students often has to take refuge in his parents or any friend who lives close by.

Student’s learning is hindered by the Unavailability & Inflexibility of their Tutors.

How Online Tutoring solves the problem of Tutor Unavailability

Online Tutoring changes this all. Indian Students receive the independence to fix or change their schedules at will, while opting for Online Tutoring. Monday 6am or Wednesday 11pm, there’s always someone to help. Students can connect with their tutors via an Online Classroom, 24/7. Online Tutoring offer both Regular Scheduled Classes and “Classes-on-Demand” or Instant Tutoring.


Encroaching Home Privacy & Safety

Many Indian Parents allow tutors to come home and teach their children. They don't realise the seriousness of this security & privacy breach.

Letting an unknown person enter your house often turns into a regretful experience.

In the past few years, news-channels have reported several heinous crimes committed by in-home tutors like stealing, kidnapping, ganging up & breaking-in, raping, eloping etc. Such incidents are frequent both in semi-urban residential areas and posh areas of metros.

How Online Tuition solves the issue of Privacy & Safety

While taking Online Tuitions, the tutor will be seated in his home while the Student will be learning from his Home. May be the Teacher is based in New Delhi while the Student is in Surat. Absolutely no chance of encroaching on Home Privacy & Safety. It allows Indian Students to attend session from anywhere, as long as they are connected to the internet.

Corporal Punishment & Misbehaviour

Indian Students are often punished and beaten by tutors. It leads to severe outcomes such as reluctance from studies, bad behaviour, trauma, embarrassment and even depression. Every student has experienced corporal punishment at school or in Tuition.

Even if you appoint a private in-home tutor, it doesn't assure the safety of Students.

Indian Parents & Teachers often think, Punishments and Scolding are tool to command student’s obedience. However they fail to accept & understand the wounds caused in young minds.

How Online Coaching solves the issues of Corporal Punishment & Misbehaviour

In Online Coaching, there is no Physical Contact or Presence of the Tutor. Both tutor and students connect over Internet. Since the classes are held online, there is no Punishment involved. 

Unaffordable Tutoring Centres

Indian Parents prefer sending their Middle-School & High-School Children to Tutoring Centres. Tutoring Centres are known to produce better results and assure academic improvement.

However, Tutoring Centres are highly priced and often exceed parents’ budget. Most Middle-Class Indian families cut their costs to pay for Tutoring Centres.

Some parents even opt for under-skilled tutors who fit their budget.

Moreover, even after enrolling for a Tutoring Centre, parents incur some extra costs. Cost of Commuting to Tutoring Centre, Food & Snacks while travelling etc. People often fail to account for such Costs.

Why Online Tutoring is an Affordable Solution

Online Tutoring comes to the rescue of Indian Students & Parents, yet again. Online Tutoring are cheaper than Tutoring Centres, as “Profit” component levied by Tutoring Centres, is out of contention. Students are able to find Tutors within all budgets. Further, the extra costs of Snacking & Travelling is nullified. The Student can sit at their home, Study 1-on-1 online, while munching on healthy home-cooked food. To further reduce the Tutoring Cost, Students can opt for Small-Group Tutoring.

Lack of individual attention in Coaching Classes

Coaching Classes have at least 10-15 students per batch. All Students of a batch belong to the same class, but they may not be from the same school.

Most probably, all different Schools would be teaching different Chapters at the same point of time. In such scenario, most Coaching Classes, who are hired to help, would ignore what is being taught at school and teach a different chapter or follow their own Curriculum.

Again, while different students are learning different chapters in school, they might having different doubts and having different School homework. Coaching centres, instead of solving their doubts and helping with homework, would burden students with their own homework.

Also, Coaching Class batches are not arranged as per Student’s Learning Style or Learning Pace. Hence, there would be few slow learners sitting among fast learners, feeling shy, being mocked, and suffering for inferiority complex.

To make matters worse, it’s not always possible for a single teacher to provide individual attention to each students. Hence, cases of Negligence are common among Indian Students opting for Coaching Classes.

How Online Tuition provides Individual Attention to Students

This never happens in a 1-on-1 Online Tuition Class. In a 1-on-1 Classes, there is only 1 Teacher connected with 1 Student. Students get undivided attention from their tutors. Tutors teach them same chapters that are being taught in school. Tutors also help them with their School Homework. Most importantly, in an Online 1-on-1 Class, teacher can vary their pace & teaching style as per the Student. Hence Students learn much better in an Online 1-on-1 Class.

Bad Friends from Tutoring Classes

Tutoring Classes often consists of a batch of 10-15 Students minimum. Boys & Girls of same Age-Group. All Student of the group may not have the same ethics & culture. They form Buddies from among the Batchmates.

Outside parent’s control, the boys & girls become curious to explore the forbidden. Brimming with Youth, they often come in contact with Bad Influences and Harmful Friends. Very Often, students are found bunking Tutoring Classes and going for movies, loitering with boyfriend /girlfriend, smoking, drinking, gambling etc.

Bad Company distracts them from studies.

How Online Classes keep students away from Bad Friends

Teenager are safely away for bad influences and distractions, while taking Online Classes. They will be learning 1-on-1. Even if they learn in Small-Groups, all his Group Mates are virtual.

Girl Safety and Relief from Social Shackles

Young girls in India aren’t safe. They are often victims of street harassments, even cat-calling, eve teasing etc. India reports a large number of crimes committed against young girls.

Young girls who return late from coaching classes, often complain about being verbal abuse and street-harassment.

In some parts of India, girls are not allowed outside home, after dusk.

In some Indian homes, girls are not allowed to study from a male tutor.

At some places girls are confined to a small section of the house and tutors are not allowed inside.

In short, Indian Girls face various hostilities from within and outside their family when they wish to attend Coaching Classes.

Thus they lose heart to study and stop going to coaching or school altogether.

How Online Coaching Classes help Indian Girls

Online Coaching comes to the rescue of all Indian Girls who are shackled by Social Taboo. Girls can study Online from a Tutor, from within their confines, without having to travel or return late night. They can be safely away from the sexual predators. Online Coaching would enable many of the underprivileged and restrained girls to study well and follow their dreams.

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Time Loss

Tutoring Centres, Private Tutors, Coaching Classes are not always located within walking distance.

Indian Students need to take Busses, Auto-Rickshaws, Bikes and other Public Transports to reach their tutors.

Add to that, Traffic Congestions, Road Conditions are rampant in India.

An average Indian Student wastes 2-5 hours daily while travelling to Tutors.  

How Online Tutoring Classes save Time

No commute is required to attend Online Tutoring Classes. This saves student's time. Students make time for other activities without missing their tutoring sessions.

Energy Wastage

Indian Students spend almost 6-7 hrs. at School, 2-3 hours for Tutoring, 2-5 hrs in Commuting, daily.

Add to that, the Topical Climate, Scorching Heat, exertion due to bad roads etc.

At the end of the day, they are exhausted and fatigued.

With a tired brain & body, Students are expected to complete their homework & perform. Every Indian student is pushed to their limits, physically, mentally, psychologically to the brink of torture.

How Online Classes conserve Energy

Online Classes checks Energy Wastage. Not only does it energise a student's mind, but sparks a natural curiosity and will to study on their own. When a student gets proper rest, they are able to focus their energy on Studies. It’s one more reason why students taking Online Classes perform better.

Curriculum & Pedagogy Burden

Tutoring centres nowadays function just like an after school. The difference lies in the fact that there are students from different schools in one batch.

The tutor, at the very beginning of the academic years, lays out the syllabus, timings and test schedule etc. Most of the times, the tutor might follow a different instruction than that of a school's.

The topics to be instructed may differ in a tuition and school which persuades a student to learn two different topics at school and in Tuition.

Many students who are unable to cope up with the pace of tutors, fall behind. Their score deteriorates and students can hardly catch up.

How Online Tuition Classes removes the Burden

On the contrary, Online Tuitions are self-paced and online tutors follow the pedagogy as per student's need. This way students aren't bound by any fixed curriculum and they are free to choose what to learn each day.


Unlimited Scope for Advanced Learning

In the last 5yrs Indian Youths have been exposed to Internet & Smartphones. They have gradually learnt to use Mobile Apps & Browsers.

They have got accustomed with Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp etc. Still a long way to go.

Online Coaching exposes them to Video Conferencing Technology.

Using Online Coaching they can also learn Modern Programming Languages, Languages, Journalism, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Business Studies etc.

Online Tuition gives Indian Students Scope for Advanced Learning and competing with the World.

Online Tutoring - Success Abroad

Several independent surveys and research concluded, Students who get tutored online perform better than students who don't.

Since online tutoring gives students access to better tutors, personalized attention, relief from various psychological stress, prevent energy & time wastage Students learn faster and score better.

It has been a hit in developed countries like U.S, U.K, South Korea and Singapore. It’s fast gaining popularity in Brazil, Australia, Middle East, China, Europe etc.

Treading the same path, Indian students can benefit from Online Tutoring.

Standardisation and Globalisation

A High Score in PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) and TIMSS (Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study) is a matter of pride for every Nation.

With the help of this platform, each country demonstrates talent, academic development and success.

Indian Students took part in PISA 2009. The performance was miserable. India stood at Rank #72out of 73 Countries. Shameful Second-Last.

Since then, Indian Students have never appeared for PISA.

India’s decision has been bashed by many Media Houses, Top Leaders & Educationists. The unbelievably weak performance by Indian students has proved to the world, India’s Education System is flawed.

It’s not even par with the Students from other parts of the world.

How Online Tutoring can boost India's PISA & TIMSS Scores

Online Tutoring is the change needed by Indian Students. Using Online Tutoring, Indian Students can access Tutors Internationally. Indian Student can learn not just from Indian Tutors but also from Tutors Abroad. It will prepare Indian Students according to Global Standard. Indian Students will get to learn new concepts, development, researches being done Abroad. Hopefully someday soon, Indian Students will be able to compete with Global Students and achieve a respectable PISA Scores.

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