How Online tutoring proved to be an Axe against Bad Friends

online tutoring & bad friends

Mr. Anil Kumar, his Wife and their 14yrs old son Soham, are residents of Bellandur, Bangalore. Together they are a happy, urban middle-class, nuclear family.

Soham has a typical teenager’s sparkling eyes and an insatiable desire to learn, explore & experiment. Neighbors usually find him surrounded by books, confined in his study, rather than playing football or cricket with other neighborhood children. Soham is always reading - School book, Story Book, GK & Quiz Books, Encyclopedias and whatever he could lay his hands upon. Soham is an early-riser. Early Mornings, Soham joins his parents for some Yoga & Meditation, before he starts preparing for his School. His parents say, meditation would help him concentrate and focus on studies whereas yoga is for a long & healthy life. Anyone who has known Soham would describe him as simple, timid, introvert but studious, disciplined, and well-mannered.

Soham follows his daily routine strictly. He reaches school on-time and is seldom absent. He reaches school early so he could occupy the front row seat. He believes, front-benchers are good students and get maximum attention from teachers.

With all these great qualities, Soham has always been the top student in his class. Other parents would ask their kids to be like Soham. Till Class 8th, Soham didn’t need any external help for studies. After returning from School, he would often ask his mother for help with Studies, Homework and upcoming Exams. Sundays, his dad would join in and they would spend long hours reading stories, GK & Quizzes, Puzzles, Fun Activities, knowing about Great Personalities etc.

Secondary-Schooler Soham & Tutoring Class

For Soham, life till Grade 8th was a piece of cake, enjoyable & fun. As he got promoted to Grade 9th, difficult and problems crept in. The subjects & tests became tougher. His grade started to take a hit. He was not able to come to terms with his faltering scores. He started feeling inferior as he saw few of his friends scoring better than him. Though Graduates, Soham’s parents too realized that they were incapable to help with his studies. As a result, they started feeling the need of an external help. Finally they contacted a Math & Science Tutoring Center that was 3-kms away.

Soham’s parents decided to let him commute alone, to acquaint with the real world. His tutoring classes were between 5pm to 7pm. To reach the tutoring class, he needed to walk to nearest bus stop, get on a bus and get down after 20mins and then another walk for 5mins. The first day he attended, he realized, he was being put into a batch of 15 Students who belonged to various neighboring schools. So far he has been studying alone at his home, with his mother & father. A mixed batch of 15, made him uncomfortable at start.

Few weeks passed by and few incidents occurred at his Tutoring Class. Though the tutor was good & friendly, Soham being introvert, he often hesitated to voice his doubts. Once he saw one of his batchmates getting scolded & punished for not doing their homework. Other time, Soham was mocked and laughed at, when he asked a naïve question. He started feeling awkward. Unknowingly he also became averse to studies. However, he failed to share his feelings with his parents. Everytime they asked, ”How are your tutoring classes progressing?” he responded in mono-syllables. That’s because, Soham could no-longer feel the excitement of attending his tutoring class, that he felt the first day.

As expected, Soham’s Grade 9th Mid-Term results showed slight improvement. Soham achieved a rank within top-10 in Mid-Terms. His parents counted that as an outcome of the tutoring classes and thanked the teacher over call. They celebrated with a Domino’s Pizza delivered for dinner. At the dinner table, they motivated Soham to study harder and regain his top rank in his Class. Soham listened to them silently. He didn’t utter a word in response.

At the tutoring center, though there were learning, studying, homeworks, the one major addition in Soham’s life, were some new friends.

Awkward Soham?

Few Week after the results, Soham’s parents started noticing some awkwardness in Soham. They would find him humming Hindi Movie songs, something he never did before. He often started skipping the morning Yoga & Meditations. He was becoming short tempered & irritated. Soham would create a fuss about food. During cleaning, Mrs Kumar found some Deodrants, Mouth Sprays from his wardrobe, which he might have purchased with his pocket-money. Soham would make excuses to skip school but strangely he would never want to miss his tutoring classes. He also started demanding a mobile phone for himself.

One night, Mrs Kumar shared these awkard behavior she has noticed, with Soham’s dad. Knowing the nature & characteristics of Soham, they discarded their suspicion terming these as an adolescence trend.

However, awkward things continued to happen. Soham would often say,

“Mom, I will be doing Group-Study at my friend’s place. I might return home late”.

“Mom, it’s my friend’s birthday and I need to buy a gift for him. Can you give me Rs 100?”

“Mom, I ate a lot at the friend’s place where we were Group-Studying.. I am full. I would skip dinner tonight.”

They were happy and surprised to see their Introvert son slowly developing friends and mingling with the world. They were also happy to see him putting extra effort in his studies and studying in groups.

Finals were approaching and his parents were a little tensed. To them, Soham seemed to toil harder at home, in tuition class and in group-study session. Soham got even lesser time to interact with them. 22nd March is when Soham’s Class 9th Finals Started. His parents believed that Soham had worked very hard in past few months and had high hopes.

Soham’s Result after Tutoring Classes

Mrs. Kumar was eagerly waiting for Soham to come back from school and show his outstanding results. At 3p.m when the door-bell rang, she hurriedly opened the door. Soham came in with an unperturbed face holding his Marksheet. His mother couldn’t interpret Soham’s expression. She immediately snatched the report card & started reading it. Within moments, her face turned red and her eyes teary. Her shock was visible. Soham’s report card was filled with red ink. He had failed in Geography, Physics and Chemistry. In Mathematics, he just passed by a narrow margin. He failed in Class 9th. He will have to repeat a Year.

Mrs Kumar submitted herself on the sofa. Expression of disbelieve & shock ran through her face. Meanwhile, Soham ran to his room and locked himself up. She sat there dumbfounded for hours untill Mr Kumar returned from his office, early. Both of them took a relook at the report and was surprised. They could not solve the riddle that, despite Soham toiling so hard before exams, despite admitting Soham to tutoring classes, how could he Fail?  

At dinner, after much scolding, Mr Kumar asked Soham to explain his poor performance.

“Did you not get enough attention from the tutor?”

“Did you not understand the way things were explained by Tutor?”

“Are you not finding the subjects interesting?”

Soham nodded his head, said he enjoys his tuitions and went back to his room.

Mr & Mrs Kumar were left perplexed.

Tutoring Classes & Bad Friend Influences

The next morning, Soham missed his school and wanted to go to his tutoring class teacher to discuss his results. The environment at his home was agitated.

Same day around 6 pm, Mr. Sharma a neighbor of Kumar’s, was passing by the Motijheel bus stop, on his new yellow scooter, when he heard...

“Item hai total”!

“Thoda humare sath bhi seat share kar lijiye”

“Kabhi humare sath bhi chalke dekho.”

“Ghar chordu kya?”

Mr. Sharma turned back to see what the nuisance was all about. As he turned back, he was shocked. He found a group of young guys, dressed fashionably, smoking cigarettes, chewing ghutka/pan, were teasing young girls waiting at the bus stop. Mr Sharma was taken-aback seeing Soham among the group. He has known Soham to be studious, but what he was seeing was unbelievable.  

On seeing Soham among the group, Mr Sharma was stupefied. He didn’t understand how to react. All he could do was to ride-off homewards, while thoughts and memories of Soham flashed in his mind. Even in his wildest dreams he couldn’t have imagined Soham taken to such Bad Friend Influences. As he rode-off, lost in his thoughts, he almost bumped into Mr. Kumar at the next signal. Mr Kumar was walking on the pavement alongside, while returning from his Office. On seeing Mr. Kumar, he couldn’t control his thoughts and narrated everything he has seen.

“I just saw your son hanging around with the spoilt boys of the colony. He was smoking, chewing pan and bullying girls at the Motijheel Bus Stop.”

“What?????? Soham was supposed to be in his tutoring class now! Are you sure it was Soham? Are you confusing Soham with someone else?”

Sharma narrated the whole incident to Soham’s father. Mr Kumar was also taken aback. He could not believe his ears.

Tutoring Classes, Bad Friend Influences – Connecting the Dots

Soham returned around 8:30pm. On entering the room he said, “My Tuition teacher took 30mins extra class for me, after the tuition got over.” After saying this, he rushed towards his room and was about to lock the door when his dad called him in the drawing room. He responded saying, ”Ok Dad! Let me change my clothes & freshen up and join you.”

Mr. Kumar could realize the blatant lie that Soham was saying.

Between 6pm when Mr Kumar met Mr Sharma and 8:30pm when Soham returned, he has had a detailed discussion with Soham’s Mom. They could clearly connect the dots. They could now answer all the doubts, which got them perplexed before. Why Soham was loving his tutoring classes? Why they found mouth-fresheners & deodorants in his wardrobe? Where was he loitering in the name of Group Study? Why Soham failed in Grade 9th?

How Bad Friends influenced Soham during Tutoring Classes

A little later, as Soham didn’t come out of his room, Mr Kumar accompanied by his wife, knocked at Soham’s door. After a short time, Soham opened the door. As they entered, Soham moved towards his study table. They didn’t see many books scattered, as it has been all these while. Soham had carefully shifted his books to the book-rack. Seeing the bed empty, both Mr & Mrs Kumar sat down on the bed.

After a pause Mr. Kumar carefully narrated what Mr Sharma had saw, earlier that day. How they took time to match pieces of the puzzle. Soham was startled, embarrassed, ashamed and dumbfounded. He stood there staring towards the floor.

He finally looked up when Mr Kumar said, “Look, I know at your age, curiosity to know and try new things, are at its peak. People often take to bad habits, pick up various addictions and falter during adolescence. It is the evil age, the adolescence, to be blamed. But, now I want to find how strongly you come out of all these and build you character from here on.”

After a long pause, Soham opened up. He told how these guys were students in his tutoring class. How they were scolded by the teacher for mischiefs and how they were thrown out of the tutoring classes. Even then, they used to ask Soham to meet them for exchanging class notes. During their meeting, they often offered some Cold-Drinks to Soham, while they used to smoke. Gradually they convinced Soham that, smoking, chewing pan/guthka or calling out girls were entertainment and signs of developing manhood. 

“I initially enjoyed their company but failed to realize when I started getting indulged in all the wrong habits”, said Soham.

When he realized and tried to distance himself, these guys were after him.

“They often used to wait outside the tuition center, outside our housing complex. They would even follow me. They repeated asked me to join their gang”, said Soham.

“They used to make false stories & spread rumors about me and Sweta, a girl from my tuition class. I was scared as they used to blackmail me in the name of Sweta.”

“They wanted me to accompany them to movies, buy them pan, smoke alongside them, callout at girls waiting at the bus stop”

Mr. Kumar calmly listened to Soham’s experience and pacified him as Soham started sobbing. He could make out Soham’s helplessness, empathized with him but could not offer a solution instantly.

TutStu’s Online Tutoring Classes, the perfect alternative for Soham

The next day at office, Mr. Kumar was absent-minded, lost in his thoughts. One of Mr Kumar’s next-desk colleague sensed an issue and debriefed him. Mr. Kumar told the whole matter and asked for suggestions & alternatives. “It’s very common among teenagers. It’s that time in their life when they want to explore new things and often fall prey of bad-company or bad-habits”, he exclaimed. Together they started brainstorming the various alternatives. They would stumble upon one solution but then reject it citing some issue or the other. During lunch break, they were joined by a larger group of colleagues who too started brainstorming. Having known Mr Kumar for around 8yrs in the same office, it was like their own household issue. Suddenly someone suggested,

“Anil, why don’t you try online tutoring for Soham”

“That way, Soham can stay indoors, away from those bad friends, but still take tutoring from top tutors online.”

Everyone in the Group readily agreed to the idea.

Mr. Kumar couldn’t resist on knowing more about it. He instantly searched the internet for online tutoring when he came across TutStu.

On reading more about TutStu, Mr Kumar realized, TutStu can be of perfect help to his son at this point. Mr. Kumar was more than happy when he read that TutStu provides the following:

•    Studying online, Soham would be Indoors. That would prevent Soham from Bad Friend Influences, now & in future.

•    Soham would be indoors, within their purview. They could keep a watch on Soham. Moreover, he will be in his Comfort Zone.

•    Online Classes on TutStu are 1-on-1. So Soham would not have a group to make him feel uncomfortable.

•    Soham would have the Personalized Undivided attention from the Tutor. He could ask all his naïve questions without being laughed at.

•    Soham will be repeating Class 9th. At school he will be sitting alongside a junior batch. But atleast during Online Classes, he will not feel Inferiority Complex. One less place to be humiliated.

•    His parents can be in regular touch with the Tutor.

•    Not just Math & Science, Soham can find tutors in all his School Subjects. History, Geography, English etc.

•    TutStu listed some of the Best Tutors from India. Mr Kumar believed that, by studying from the Best Tutors, Soham can regain his lost confidence and excel again.

•    Unlike his previous Tutoring center where 1 Tutor taught all Math & Science Subjects, TutStu offered Specialized tutors in each Subject. Separate & Specialized tutors for Math, Physics, Chemistry etc.

•    Like previously, Soham used to involve his mom anytime he had doubts with Studies. Similarly in TutStu, Soham could contact a tutor anytime.

•    TutStu offered them Unlimited Free Online Tutoring Classes. They could try every tutor before selecting the most suitable tutor. Unlike the tutoring center.

•    Mr. Kumar also calculated. TutStu sounded cheaper compared to Tutoring Centers’ Fee + Commuting Cost + Snacking Cost + Energy & Time Loss.

•    The Online Classroom having Audio, Video, Chat and White board gives it the same feel as physical tutoring classes. Soham won’t feel like the tutor is sitting in some other city.

Mr. Kumar was very satisfied after knowing about Online Tutoring and TutStu. He went home and discussed the matter with his wife. They both understood the benefits of TutStu’s Online Tutoring and agreed to give it a try.

Soham’s Online Tutoring Experience at TutStu

try online tutoring

Same night, Mr Kumar sat down with Soham and introduced him to Online Tutoring and TutStu. Amazingly Soham didn’t even ask for its benefits to him. Seemed like he was acquainted with the concept or desired something similar. He sighed a breath of relief and displayed excitement to Try Free Online Tutoring Classes at TutStu.

They Registered as Student on TutStu and arranged for Free Trial Classes with few Math, Physics, Chemistry & Biology tutors. After 3-4 Days & around 15-16 Trial Classes, they finalized 2 Math Tutors, 1 Physics Tutors, 1 Chemistry Tutors & 1 Biology Tutors. They even went on to find some English Tutors & Geography Tutors.

Soham enjoyed the online classes, regained his confidence & quest for knowledge. He started attending school regularly again. He started his morning Meditation & Yoga hours with his parents. Evenings after school, Soham would log in to TutStu to attend his online tutoring classes. Never again was his safety & privacy compromised.

Half the year passed by and it was September again. Time for Soham to retake his Grade 9th Mid-Term Exams. He was well-prepared this time but felt goose-bumps. His mom accompanied him everyday to school, in his school bus, during his exams. Finally, after the exams Soham and his parents waited anxiously for the results.

It was 3p.m when the bell rang. Soham’s mother opened the door. As soon as she opened the door, Soham jumped and hugged her and happily handed them the report card. Their joy knew no bounds on seeing Soham’s marks. He got a full 100 in Mathematics, 97 in Biology, 93 and 95 in Physics and Chemistry respectively and 92 in Geography.

Later that evening the family went to an ice cream parlor to celebrate Soham’s success. They discussed how TutStu came as savior in their time of crisis and how much thankful they are. Soham still takes his classes with TutStu and has his Grade 10th Finals coming up in March. Readers please join TutStu to wish him luck and success in his career ahead.

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