Frequently Asked Questions about Online Tutoring

We received and answered some common queries, from Tutors and Students, about Online Tutoring.

Since, TutStu is something out-of-ordinary, we anticipated some relevant Questions. Tutors & Students might have similar questions while using TutStu.

Get some of your questions answered very elaborately, here. Hope it clarifies your doubts.

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General FAQs

To start online tutoring on TutStu, the basic requirement is to stay ‘online’. 


BASIC Devices / (more...)

NO, you don’t need to provide Payment Informations, to Signup with TutStu.

Both Student Registration (more...)

FREE Online Tutoring Sessions, also called Trial Classes, is just what it literally means. 

A New (more...)

TutStu has setup an Internal Inbox. The Inbox is located inside the respective Tutor & (more...)

In TutStu, there are 2 Types of Online Tutoring Sessions namely 1-on-1 Online Tutoring Session (more...)

TutStu has made it simple and easy for both Students and Tutors to join an (more...)

Currently, TutStu doesn’t record the Online Tutoring Sessions. It’s in planning stage.


TutStu doesn’t have any policy. It’s the Tutors and the Students who mutually make and (more...)

Well it’s natural. It can happen to anybody. Importantly, DON’T PANIC. You can always join (more...)

Every Tutor on TutStu are Rated and Reviewed, on the Global Scale. Tutors needs to (more...)

Student's FAQs

TutStu is out-of-ordinary. TutStu gives Online Tutoring FREEDOM to Students. At TutStu, its DIY (Do (more...)

Students have the Freedom to find and select their own Tutors, as per their own (more...)

Yes, Students can Select Multiple Tutors for the same Subject. Student can also attend (more...)

Instant Tutoring means, On-Demand Online tutoring Session.

At times, Students need something more than just planned/scheduled (more...)

Large Homework, Projects, Thesis, Essays, Research Topics qualify for Assignment Help. Though not a core-functionality, (more...)

Students who have homework can ask tutors for Homework Help.

For homework help, students need to (more...)

Students can check the Availability of their Tutors from Student Portal -> My (more...)

Students can send their Class Notes or Assignments to their Tutors in 2 ways. The (more...)

If Student still doesn’t like a tutor, then Students have the option to Remove the (more...)

Tutoring Fee is the amount that, Students need to pay to Tutors for attending a (more...)

TutStu doesn’t collect any payments from Students. All tutoring fees, needs to be paid to (more...)

TutStu doesn’t have a policy on the timing of Payment. The timing of the Payment (more...)

Students can pay their tutors directly, from inside TutStu. Navigate to “My Teachers” and (more...)

Students can certainly negotiate the tutoring fees with the tutor, during the TRIAL Session. (more...)

Tutor's FAQs

Tutors can use TutStu not just for Online Tutoring but various other Student-Centric Services. Here (more...)

Instant Tutoring means, On-Demand Online tutoring Session. Instant tutoring session are not pre-scheduled. They are (more...)

"No one can help a person, who doesn't help himself". That’s the mantra. Tutors are (more...)

When a Student searches on TutStu, with any Subject or Branch name, they are shown (more...)

FREE Trial Sessions are a great way to display Tutor’s tutoring skills to new students. (more...)

Firstly, Tutors need to understand that, TutStu doesn’t refer or solicit any particular tutor, to (more...)

Congrats! You got a new Student Request. Probably, you have got notified about the new (more...)

TutStu asks every tutor to fill out their Session Schedule Notice and Cancellation Notice inside (more...)

TutStu doesn’t collect any payments from Students. All tutoring fees, is paid to Tutors, directly.


Since (more...)

TutStu doesn’t have a policy on the timing of Payment. The timing of the Payment (more...)

Students can pay their tutors directly, from inside TutStu.  

Tutors can get paid before the (more...)

Payments from Students are your HARD EARNED MONEY. It’s yours. TutStu doesn’t charge any commission. (more...)

Tutors can surely offer Discounts, FREE Trials, Gifts to Students. 

Tutors, you need to understand, with (more...)

Tutors, who teach online or offline face-to-face, can all bring their Existing Students to TutStu.

Tutors (more...)

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