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Middle School Students, High School Students, College Students, Advanced College Students, Community College Students, can all Sign-up for Online Tutoring via TutStu. Young Executives can get online mentoring from Senior Executives. Test Preparer’s can seek private tutoring help with their Preparations. Foreign Education aspirants can consult Counselors, ONLINE.  Research Scholars can get online guidance from senior Guides & Academics. Foreign Language Learners can learn online from Experts. Likewise, Budding Engineers, Doctors, Business Grads, Scientists can get tutoring via TutStu.


At TutStu, it’s DIY (Do-It-Yourself). Search for Live Online Tutors in 30+ Subject or 350+ Branches. Find & Select your Tutor. Get Unlimited FREE Online Tutoring Sessions or Trial Classes. Finalize a Tutor. Fix regular Online Tutoring appointments with Tutors. Learn from Tutors, LIVE, ONLINE, using Video Conferencing (Audio + Video + Chat + Whiteboard). Pay your Online Tutors, directly.


TutStu comes with a Virtual Classroom, Tutor Management System, Payment Management System, Session Management System, Appointment Management System and much more...


Students have freedom to choose their Online Tutors. Freedom to attend Unlimited FREE Online Tutoring Sessions or Trial class. Freedom to Schedule their Private Tutoring appointments. Freedom to Pay their tutors, directly.


Students can find tutors for CBSE Board, ICSE Board, IGCSE Board, State Board, IITJEE Preparation, NEET Preparation, SAT Preparation, ACT Preparation, AP Preparation, KS 1-4, A-Level, B-Level, NAPLAN Preparation, ACER preparation etc. Students can also find live online tutors for Assignment Help, Homework Help and Instant Tutoring.


Students can get Online Tutoring, 24/7, while sitting in their Living room. Online Tutoring provides Students with the opportunity, to access & learn from the best tutors, from around the world. Home Tutoring helps students to save Energy, Travel Time & Cost.


Home Tutoring also is a great solution for parents concerned with their Child's Privacy, Safety & Bad Friend Influences.

Features & Benefits for Students


    Freedom to choose any Tutor. Freedom to select Multiple Tutors in any Subject. Negotiate with Tutors. Get the BEST Deal for you.

  • Find Appropriate Tutor

    Find a Tutor from any Preferred Country, within your Budget. Tutor who is well-versed with Curriculum & Methodology. Find a tutor to teach in your preferred Language.

  • Any Subject, Any Grade

    Tutors available for Middle School & High School Subjects, College Academia, Research Assistance, Career Counselling, Admission Guide, Mentoring.

  • Free Trial Classes

    Student can attend FREE Trial Classes with any number of Tutors. Every tutor provides 1 or 2 FREE Trial Classes to new Students. Attend & Finalize the most suitable tutor.

  • Chat Before Connecting

    Students can find a Chat option on the Website. Chat with Tutors real-time to fix your Appointment for FREE Trial Class, negotiate a deal, communicate and get your doubts clarified.

  • Ratings & Reviews

    Every tutor on TutStu are RATED and REVIEWED by their Students. They are Rated on 3-Parameters:- Quality, Reliability and Credibility. The Ratings & Reviews provide great insights about the tutor, to any new Student.

  • Learn from Top Tutors

    TutStu displays the TOP Tutors on the first few Search Pages. Top tutors are identified based on Ratings & Reviews, Experience, Education etc. Connect with the TOP Tutor of your choice and Start Learning

  • 1-on-1 or Group Tutoring

    Students can study 1-on-1 or in small Groups. 1-on-1 Tutoring provides more Personalized Learning Experience. Groups Tutoring provides a group study experience and further discounted tutoring rates.

  • LIVE Interaction

    Tutors teach Students LIVE via Internet, using a Virtual Classroom. The Classroom comes with Audio + Webcam Video + Chat + Whiteboard (for Writing) + File Sharing + Screen Sharing features.

  • Manage Tutors

    TutStu provides Students with a One-Stop Portal to manage their relation with Tutors. Students can Pay their Tutoring Fee, Schedule Classes with Tutors, Chat with Tutor or even Delete any Tutor whom they Dislike.

How it Works for Students

student dashboard

Student Dashboard

student profile overview page

Student Profile Overview Page

student profile general information

Students Profile General Info

student profile education

Student Profile Education

student profile description

Student Profile Description

tutor management system

Tutor Management System

schedule online tutoring session

Schedule Online Tutoring

search tutors

Search Tutors

pay tutors directly

Pay Tutors Directly

delete tutor

Delete Tutor

tutoring session management

Tutoring Session Management

tuition fee payment history

Tuition Fee Payment History

Student FAQs

TutStu is out-of-ordinary. TutStu gives Online Tutoring FREEDOM to Students. At TutStu, its DIY (Do (more...)

Students have the Freedom to find and select their own Tutors, as per their own (more...)

Yes, Students can Select Multiple Tutors for the same Subject. Student can also attend (more...)

Instant Tutoring means, On-Demand Online tutoring Session.

At times, Students need something more than just planned/scheduled (more...)

Large Homework, Projects, Thesis, Essays, Research Topics qualify for Assignment Help. Though not a core-functionality, (more...)

Students who have homework can ask tutors for Homework Help.

For homework help, students need to (more...)

Students can check the Availability of their Tutors from Student Portal -> My (more...)

Students can send their Class Notes or Assignments to their Tutors in 2 ways. The (more...)

If Student still doesn’t like a tutor, then Students have the option to Remove the (more...)

Tutoring Fee is the amount that, Students need to pay to Tutors for attending a (more...)

TutStu doesn’t collect any payments from Students. All tutoring fees, needs to be paid to (more...)

TutStu doesn’t have a policy on the timing of Payment. The timing of the Payment (more...)

Students can pay their tutors directly, from inside TutStu. Navigate to “My Teachers” and (more...)

Students can certainly negotiate the tutoring fees with the tutor, during the TRIAL Session. (more...)

What Students Say

  • TutStu has helped me connect with a plethora of teachers, with varying skills and ideologies. I have been successfully taking sessions from a teacher named Apoorv Tyagi and I have been so far satisfied with the sessions. I am really grateful to TutStu for enabling me to find the best teacher for me, from the comfort of my house.

    Abhishek Das - TutStu Student Abhishek Das

    Class 12th Student, North Point School - Kolkata

  • I am pleased to tutoring via TutStu, wonderful online platform for tutors and students all over the globe to connect, engage and share knowledge through interactive class room. Global presence, Many students, Direct secure payments, Great customer support with the best team. Thank you TutStu, keep up the good work!!!

    Chemistry Tutor Sampath Sampath Goddubarla

    Chemistry Tutor

  • Thank you very much for having such a great resource available.Now I can achieve any skills very easily without leaving my comfort zone to get connect with a tutor.

    Ziaur Rahaman Ziaur Rahaman

    Software Professional


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